Super(Bad)Mom: Business Mom Edition

It’s nice to be on top. And Erin O’Keefe is an inspirational mama who can tell you what the view is like from there. Sometimes, it looks a lot like paradise.

Erin is a mom who somehow balances motherhood with being a serious rock star in the business world. Not only has Erin reached Diamond Ambassador status at Plexus Worldwide, but she has also twice spoken at the company’s Super Saturday. I was pretty stoked when my boss gave me a free magnet and notepad this year; Erin’s company has sent her on not one, but two all-expenses paid trips to Hawaii — all to reward her incredible work.

Being a corporate champion would be enough for most, but Erin still manages to volunteer at her daughter’s school and gymnastics events. Oh, and she’s a passionate athlete. Erin runs three days a week and works with a trainer another three days. This inspiring fitness routine has helped her run three marathons, two of which benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Erin is a selfless woman who lives to pour her love on others and help other women achieve their goals. Despite her incredible business success, she is, above all else, a mom whose proudest moment is watching her daughter perform at her first gymnastics meet. She sounds pretty damn perfect and enviable, doesn’t she? Anyone who excels in both business, athletics, and motherhood sounds like a Supermom to me. Thank God for the rest of us, Erin comes with some Bad Mom moments to help us even the playing field.

Tell us about an amazing party you have thrown. My son’s first birthday/baptism…we had it at our favorite bar and it was amazing. *Editor’s note: Anyone who has a child’s party at a bar is someone we want to hang with.

What is the most embarrassing thing one of your kids has ever done or said? Some sweet old lady said hello to my son when he was 2 and he stuck his tongue out at her.

Tell us about one of your kid’s worst meltdowns. This seems to happen when we are on vacation…at a nice resort…by the pool.  Serious screaming and fighting with the kids and having to carry my son out of the pool while every mom is staring at me.

This is Erin’s Christmas card. Amazing.

What is one of your “dirty secrets” you try to keep hidden from other moms? I absolutely love being a work at home mom…now that my kids are in school.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed it when they were little and home.  I’m a tad selfish and love my workout time, alone time and to be able to work at home without them wanting a snack every 4 seconds.

What is something your kids do that drive you crazy?  Ask for a snack or a drink every 4 seconds when they are home.  Throw their backpacks and coats on the floor when they walk in the door.

What is something you have allowed your kid to do this week that you know you probably shouldn’t have? Play on their ipads for like 8 straight hours.

What is an unhealthy food you feed your kids? Gushers…ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Are there any dangerous activities you let your kids participate in? Nothing crazy dangerous,  but I let them climb and jump off everything.  My daughter does back handsprings on our bed, my son jumps off bay windows, whatever.  It doesn’t bother me.

What is something you swore you’d never do, but now do regularly?  I let my kids eat crappy snacks and drink soda.  I only let them drink soda at restaurants but swore I would never even do that.

What is something you do or say in front of your kids that might horrify other parents? Go away.

Do you have any vices? beer, wine, tequila…yum. *Editor’s note #2: Erin, let’s hang.

Any final Mama Confessions you want to get off your chest?  I sometimes travel for work and I love love love being able to do it alone. I have zero mommy guilt when I travel and I use it as a time to recharge my battery. My events seem to come every 6-8 weeks, right before I have a total mommy meltdown.Thank you Plexus.

Erin is us. She lets her kids watch iPads for hours, feeds them the crap they beg us for, and she loves a good drink. She’s also a dedicated, enterprising woman, making her dreams come true. Doesn’t that mean that we can be those things too? I think so.