MMYFB: Another Mac and Cheese Post

Tonight, I changed into my running clothes in order to stand in front of the stove and eat my kids’ leftover mac and cheese.

I had good intentions. I really did. I was totally going to run. I put on my running clothes, fit my newly short hair into a little pony, and laced up my sneakers. Then I just checked Facebook “really quickly” and gossiped on the phone with my mom “for a bit.” The next thing I knew, my kids were whining about me feeding them because it was apparently past dinner time.

I still told myself that I’d run. Then, because apparently tonight we are living in an alternate universe, no one wanted any leftovers. Far be it from me to let leftover mac and cheese go uneaten. Seriously, has any mother in the history of boxed mac and cheese thrown out leftovers? No! Good mothers eat that shit directly from the pot while their children aren’t looking!

And since I am a damn good mother, I literally just found myself standing in front of my stove, eating mac and cheese from the pot, in running clothes I never ran in. Let’s be honest, this means I’m not wearing running clothes at all. I’m wearing stretchy, comfy clothes that I don’t have to pretend “shrunk in the dryer.” I’m also quite certain that the eating of the cheesy carbs has negated any last whispers of athletic motivation I had left.

leftover mac and cheese
What mother in her right mind would toss this?

Are you feeling bad that at 6:30 on a Friday night you’re already starting to drift off on the couch? Feeling guilty for ordering pizza yet again? Feeling lame that your wild Friday night consists of drinking wine and catching up on the latest episode of This Is Us (I’ll be right there with you in about an hour)? Well, Mama Makes You Feel Better tonight. Just think of a sad, delusional mother wearing running gear in order to shove cheesy carbs down her throat. I guarantee, whatever you’re doing is more glamorous.


Mama Makes You Feel Better…

mac n cheese
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal some bites.

Because tonight’s dinner is mac and cheese. Literally. I didn’t realize we were out of milk until it was too late. The one element of nutrition in this meal, gone. Mama’s dignity, gone. The mac and cheese, gone. Apparently my kids dig carbs, butter, and cheese. I wonder where they got that from…

Mama makes you feel better because…

IMG_90321.) My stove has been this filthy for an incredibly long time.

2.) Yes, that’s the remnants of boxed macaroni and cheese you see there, because that’s what I (sloppily) made my kids for dinner.

3.) After they went to bed, I spent my Friday night roasting a marshmallow for myself. Brilliant? Kind of. Sad and pathetic? Most definitely.

Let my trifecta give you a confidence boost. If you did basically anything else last Friday night, you should feel superior.