Aaptiv: The Best Workout App for Busy Parents

I can’t go to the gym. It’s not a matter of “won’t” or “don’t feel like it.” I can’t. Like so many parents out there, my family’s schedule makes a trip to the gym virtually impossible. As it is, I wake up to darkness. I have to leave for work when most people (my family included) are still asleep. After work, I have to pick up my children and cart them to their extracurricular activities. Working out in a gym is not feasible, but I try to make time to workout after they go to bed or when they are vegging out to some YouTube. The problem is, it’s easy to get in a rut when you are creating your own workouts in the comfort of your moldy basement. Then I discovered Aaptiv, the best workout app for busy parents.

Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that motivates you to workout anywhere and anytime. Whether you have an hour for an endurance run, 20 minutes for some high intensity intervals on the stationary bike, or 7 minutes for some strength exercises, Aaptiv guides you through a workout that works for you. Simply choose a workout and a personal trainer comes on to lead and push you through it. A few months ago, finding myself in a workout rut, I decided to give Aaptiv a try. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this app was a game changer for so many reasons.

The Perfect Playlist

I am a runner. Like most runners, I love a good playlist to get me through a workout. But — it seemed like no matter how many fast-paced songs I put on there, inevitably, the Adele ballad I thought would be perfect for a cool down comes on when I’m in the middle of a run, fading fast, and in need of a little Motley Crue to get me pumped (shut up – I don’t judge your playlist). Aaptiv playlists are a miracle. When the trainer is telling you to go faster, miraculously, a corresponding song comes on to pump you up. If you’re working a hill, the song swells just as you’re nearing the peak, pushing you ahead. The awesome trainers are not going to tell you to speed up unless the beat is moving right along with you. I don’t know how Aaptiv trainers manage to coordinate everything so precisely, but I appreciate no longer trying to unlock my phone with sweaty fingers (impossible!) to skip a song.

New to Working Out?

Stepping on a treadmill or elliptical for the first time can be intimidating. Hell, going out for a walk or run in your neighborhood can be daunting. How fast should you go? What incline do you use? How far must you go in order to erase the shame of eating all that Halloween candy you swore you weren’t going to open yet? (Asking for a friend). Aaptiv takes out all of the guesswork. Your personal trainer will let you know when to speed up, when to push that incline, and when to take a breather. Anyone new to a workout will love having a supportive, enthusiastic guide to lead the way. Plus, there are literally dozens of workouts to choose from in each category, so you will never get bored.

Seasoned Pro?

Are you a disciplined athlete? Are you in amazing shape, but looking to try something new? Aaptiv is not just for beginners. Aaptiv is chock full of advanced workouts. Looking to take your running to the next level? I can tell you that the advanced workouts are no joke. As a gal who ran a half marathon a few months ago, I thought I was advanced. I’m here to tell you, Aaptiv advanced workouts sent me a message loud and clear. In short, they kicked my ass and I’ve decided to stick with intermediate ones for a while! And speaking of half marathons, Aaptiv has amazing training programs if you’d like to try your hand at a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.

Short on Time

Listen, I’m a mom. I get that time is a precious commodity and we devote almost all of ours to our kids. We are usually the first ones up and the last to go to bed. Personally, I wake up well before the sun and don’t get to bed until 11pm. There are plenty of days when I feel like there’s no time for a workout. Aaptiv is the best workout app for busy parents because all you need is 8 minutes. There are tons of 8-10 minute strength workouts that will make your body burn before releasing you back to your mom duties. Plus, there are more 20-minute high intensity interval workouts than I can count. When my trainer announces that she’s designed a workout that is going to make me burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time, I am willing to push myself knowing the finish line is in sight. Because let’s face it moms, we might not always have an hour, but we’ve all got twenty minutes while SpongeBob is babysitting entertaining our kids.

Something for Everyone

Maybe you hate running. Maybe you hate being on a machine. Maybe you have no idea what you like when it comes to working out. With Aaptiv, there’s something for everyone. Walking (both indoor and out), elliptical, bike, strength, yoga, even meditation! There is literally something for everyone. Oh man, you got knocked up? Well guess what? There’s an entire maternity program that includes workouts for every trimester AND stroller workouts for when baby arrives! What?! Seriously expecting moms, don’t do what I did for my first pregnancy and replace workouts with cupcakes. It’s not cute at your kid’s first birthday party. I guarantee Aaptiv will make you feel better about yourself than buttercream.

Get the App – For Free!

My story is familiar to so many other parents, and I’m sure my desire to stay healthy and fit is the same. Motherhood is stressful and, yes, wine helps, but I’ve found that regular exercise is a much better option when it comes to stress relief. Plus, who doesn’t want to look their best? I know I do. And, while I hate to admit it, my pants are getting a bit snug with all of the Halloween candy floating around. I can’t be the only one, right? So, join me on Aaptiv and let’s show that mini Snickers who’s boss! I’m so excited to offer you guys the code for a free 30-day membership! Just use this link and follow these instructions using the code BURPEES. If you don’t love it, just cancel via the iTunes Store before the 30 days is up. If you are hooked like me, it will auto renew for $9.99/month – cheaper than most gym memberships. Just think of how many glasses of wine each workout earns you!