MMYFB: A Real Case of the Mondays

Mama Makes You Feel Better with a quick re-cap of her Monday. This morning, for the 2nd time this school year, my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up 50 minutes late. As someone who is lazy as hell very efficient in the morning, this means I already sleep in as much as humanly possible and am typically getting into the car at this time.

After the initial freak out, I I threw on some clothes, got in the car, slapped on mascara at a stoplight, hoped my sad hair would be forgiven as an inevitability on this insanely humid day, and got there on time – though I had sleep creases on my arm until midway through first period.

Then, this afternoon, my #kombucha saga continued. This time it exploded in my classroom, all over my desk (and student papers), the floor, and chair…roughly 20 seconds before a class came in. One boy, very concerned, called me aside to speak privately. He informed me that he smelled wine. It seems he had missed that I was ankle deep in useless school-grade paper towels and thought a classmate was getting after it. I reassured him and even attempted to explain what kombucha was before just saying, “I think you’re smelling the vinegar drink I spilled.”

As I now sit at home on this insane Monday, I have several takeaways from the day.

  1. I think it’s safe to say I have misjudged my alarm time as I have clearly proven that I can leave the house within five minutes of waking up. I will certainly be setting my alarm for much later than I have been.
  2.  The universe is doing all it can to stop me from consuming probiotic health drinks and one should never ignore the universe. Tomorrow I should probably start drinking Mountain Dew with my lunch.
  3. There’s no way in hell I am making dinner tonight. I realize this seems to have nothing to do with anything, but I came to that conclusion as I wrote this while sweating profusely in front of the air conditioner. Anyone who even thinks about turning on the stove in this house will get a shaken kombucha opened into their face.