Why Mama’s Drinking Wine


When mama loses it, everyone suffers. This is why God invented wine. A cool, crisp glass of sauvignon blanc prevents a myriad of mama meltdowns in my house. Kids doing something dangerous? Grab a glass. Siblings physically assaulting one another? Tip the bottle. Someone’s melting down? Sip that sauvy b and pretend it’s not your problem.
Mama Tries Blog is beginning a new series called: Why Mama’s Drinking Wine, which will capture all of those parenting moments you dreamed of when you were checking your basal temperature and tracking your ovulation all those years ago – like your kids sketching a poorly executed illustration on the dining room wall or sobbing because you gave them the granola bar they asked for. Instead of melting down along with my children, I’ll be pouring myself a glass and taking a selfie to capture the moment. I hope you will too.  

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